I am offering a photo repair service, some examples or which are shown under 'Photographs'/'Photo Repair'.
The idea of the service was originally for resurrecting old prints that have no negatives and are cracked or damaged but can also be considered for more recent prints (to be re-photographed-any size), slides or negatives (35mm only) with the same kind of problem.
Photo Repair

There is of course a limit to what can be done with a damaged photo and so I would need to judge whether or not the image is restorable. Please send me a message in the first instance to- 'st-bentley@talktalk.net' with your details and either a high resolution jpeg attached or stating that you would like to post the original print to me. (Note: the 'Contact' button on my home page does not allow message attachments).
On receipt of the source image I will estimate the cost of repair. If my estimate is agreeable I will then complete the repair after which I will send you a low resolution copy of the revived image.

If you are satisfied with the repair, you can pay via Paypal. I will then email a high resolution image of the repaired photo. There is no extra charge for re-photographing or scanning.

As you can see below payments increase by £5, taking different time considerations into account. As I said, it does depend on the image provided. When you are ready to pay just set the price I have informed you of in the drop-down menu box on this this page and click 'Add to cart'. You will then be taken through the simple 'Paypal' payment process. (Please see notes under 'Sales', 'Payment Methods' for additional information).